Fox news discussing medical marijuana.


cannabis fox news

We all know Rupert Murdoch (owner of the Fox network) has pushed back against marijuana legalization. He likes his tv stations to promote pretty strong right wing ideals(think of the capitalists who supported Hitler before he came to power!). Fox news has helped spread corporate propaganda and hate, while dressed in good old fashioned American traditions. His network has fox news and Bill O’Reilly!

If they could, they would spin cannabis as a dangerous substance but unfortunately(for them) the genie has slipped out of the bottle. Cannabis is a safe natural herb and it helps fight caner along with many other illnesses. There are massive, established businesses that will be affected by legal marijuana. Pharmaceutical companies fear cannabis replacing headache medication, pain pills and many other man made toxic prescription drugs. Alcohol companies will feel the pinch. Problem drinking can kill you. Problem pot consumption will make you lazy but happy. In responsible amounts, cannabis is a health benefit. In the video clip a shocked fox news guy listened to the truth about cannabis. The times they are a changing!