Cannabis kills cancer

I know it is hard to believe that cannabis is the exact opposite of what the government has told us. Propaganda is a powerful tool. It is only in the last ten years that we have had the internet and access to mass information. What did we find? Surprise, surprise the government really don’t know it all. In fact they are paid by legal bribery(lobby money) to act in big business interests, often to the detriment of society.

The video below is an amazing 36 second wake up call. Cannabis kills cancer cells. Imagine yourself in a doctor’s office. Clean and business like with a confident, reassuring doctor in front of you. Then he or she drops the bomb on you. You’ve got cancer. Now see how amusing it is to have a known cancer fighting substance being inaccessible to you. Cannabis saves lives. Lets not wait until it is us sitting in that chair before we give a damn whether pot is legalized or not. Lets spread the word and welcome pot in from its exile!