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Organically grown Prague weed

Having some nice pot to go with a ramble through our ancient Prague streets or to bring on the giggles with friends is a treat. There are many health benefits to consuming the plant. It is a powerful anti inflammatory agent and besides regulating our nervous and cell functions it is also a fun mood enhancer. Wonderful I hear you say. Except cannabis has been kept in the shadows by governments all over the world, including Prague’s own ruling hypocrites. People don’t die from consuming cannabis, they heal. The system is doing a massive injustice by keeping the plant technically illegal. Besides putting people in prison there is another negative effect. Most cannabis growers put toxic Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) into their plants. Some of the chemicals cannot be flushed out of the plant and instead they get consumed by unknowing pot lovers.
Organically grown food and cannabis is best for you. Marijuana is a health supplement but if the pot is grown with the aid of Paclobutrazol or similar toxic chemicals then you are actually harming your body. Prague growers need to choose organic growing methods. Yes you can have smaller yields by going organic but it is the right thing to do. When you are buying pot in Prague (and obviously everywhere else!), make sure you are getting it from a bio grower. This video gives us a quick glimpse at the problem. Cannabis is an amazing plant, lets not ruin mother nature’s medicine with greed.

Merry cannabis everyone

Christmas cannabis

It has been a big year for cannabis. Getting it legal in Colorado was huge. No longer will American stoners have to go to socialist, bad teeth, backward Europe ha ha. A new Amsterdam to replace the once trail blazing city. This year has seen science research bubbling out of the internet extolling the benefits of pot. Those powerful cannabinoids complement psychoactive THC to realign our nervous and cell systems to promote health. On the political front, even a pot loving president has to go slow. Federal funding for medical marijuana raids has been cut off and society is perhaps a little happier. The prohibitionists have not run away though, they are licking their wounds and plotting a comeback. Prohibition of cannabis is good for legal drug companies. As is always the case, drug dealers don’t like other drug dealers coming in on their turf!

Christmas cannabis

Cannabis has won the argument however. It won by proving the medical benefit of the plant. It won by not having a single death attributed to pot and it won by continuing to tell the truth even though those in power didn’t want to hear it. Cannabis won. People may still be unjustly put in jail and big business will seek to enter and profit from the herb but our hippie ancestors would smile at the thought, that we stuck it to the man!

Christmas cannabis

Society, through pollution, war and poverty is killing the only known inhabitable planet. We strayed about as far from Mother Nature as it was possible to go. Hopefully now, with the new cannabis spring that has sprung, we will move back into sync with nature. You don’t need a new car or phone or whatever each year. We don’t have to be a parasite on the earth, we can possibly enrich the place instead. Cannabis legalization is at least a beginning. Share some with a friend because Bob Marley said everything is going to be all right. Merry christmas, enjoy the madness that is close proximity to family and be ever thankful for all of life’s ¬†blessings.

Fox news discussing medical marijuana.


cannabis fox news

We all know Rupert Murdoch (owner of the Fox network) has pushed back against marijuana legalization. He likes his tv stations to promote pretty strong right wing ideals(think of the capitalists who supported Hitler before he came to power!). Fox news has helped spread corporate propaganda and hate, while dressed in good old fashioned American traditions. His network has fox news and Bill O’Reilly!

If they could, they would spin cannabis as a dangerous substance but unfortunately(for them) the genie has slipped out of the bottle. Cannabis is a safe natural herb and it helps fight caner along with many other illnesses. There are massive, established businesses that will be affected by legal marijuana. Pharmaceutical companies fear cannabis replacing headache medication, pain pills and many other man made toxic prescription drugs. Alcohol companies will feel the pinch. Problem drinking can kill you. Problem pot consumption will make you lazy but happy. In responsible amounts, cannabis is a health benefit. In the video clip a shocked fox news guy listened to the truth about cannabis. The times they are a changing!

What about Europe’s cannabis victories?

European cannabis

Anyone who cares about cannabis legalization is delighted by what is happening in America. Pot prohibition is ending in state after state. First medical marijuana is allowed, then comes recreational pot. The taxes keep flowing and guess what, crime goes down, accidental pain killer overdose deaths go down and society functions just fine. No zombies swamping malls and terrify middle class America.

But what about Europe? Where are our successes this year? Holland, the once mighty shining light of marijuana liberalism has now taken a step backwards. Coffee shops are being restricted and it has become criminal to sell the products and materials needed to grow that fine Amsterdam green. Belgium is another country famous for its cannabis tolerance. Adults can have three grams of marijuana in their possession. Once they are not causing a nuisance in public they are left unmolested. The new major of Antwerp however has made it clear that any smoking in public will lead to prosecution.

When the whole world was against cannabis, Holland stood up and called nonsense. Now that America is ending its war on cannabis, the rest of the world get to do it too. So why aren’t we? Besides Spain there is no news in Europe, or so it seems. Below the surface, fantastic organizations like and weed like to talk, are striving to change European minds on the plant. There are cannabis social clubs, still in the shadows but very much alive in most European capital cities. These clubs seek to take cannabis off the street so it can be produced and consumed in a responsible manner. There is a great deal of optimism for the new year. There are German clubs about to step out into the light and hopefully their Czech neighbors will do the same.

Cannabis is a part of European culture. The cannabis social club model, bringing growers and consumers together in a closed group is a sensible solution for Europe. Criminalizing citizens for consuming a natural plant that is less dangerous than the legal drug alcohol is insane. The clash between what governments want and what young citizens are doing, is eroding the fabric of society. Cannabis should be legal. It should be grown in a safe, hygienic way and made available at affordable prices to those who choose to use it. Tax payers money is wasted when police focus on cannabis rather than actual criminal behavior.

2014 was the year of American and Uruguayan Cannabis. If European groups and activists can unite then 2015 will be our year. ¬†We need a European solution to this problem. Cannabis social clubs are that solution and together we can finally “just say no, to the war on drugs”!

Cannabis and human rights

cannabis human rights

Are we all born equal? Do I have the freedom to express who I am and what I want from life? Is my personal privacy a fundamental principle of society or is it something the government sparingly grants me?

As a private citizen, armed with a new scientific understanding of the medicinal qualities of the cannabis plant, is it my choice to consume a substance less harmful than the legal alcohol drug?

Who owns us? What is freedom if we are only allowed to make decisions based on a narrow spectrum of choices?

cannabis human rights

Cannabis is non toxic, healthy and is a consciousness expanding natural plant. The other two substances close to it are both legal and lethal to your health. Tobacco and alcohol kills millions of people each year. Alcohol fuels late night mayhem and tobacco is as addictive as heroin. It is an insult to the nature of cannabis to put it into the same category as alcohol and tobacco, but the general public needs to be able to compare similar substances.

cannabis human rights

If you have no problem with someone smoking tobacco or drinking beer then you have no right prohibiting the use of cannabis. You cannot force your lifestyle on another person. At present, cannabis activists are treated as criminals. Pot consumers face harsh punishment from society while drunkards and tobacco addicts are celebrated.

What kind of a perverse society do we inhabit? We go to war for peace, the police protect and serve us to death(especially if you are anything other than white!) and society is “protected” from the harms of cannabis even though it is actually healthy for you.

The truth is we are not free. Your phone is tapped and your private communication on the internet are being recorded. You are a criminal without a specific charge. Drink a beer or five and watch the football game the system whispers to us as we trudge through life caught in a cycle of debt slavery.

cannabis human rights

Cannabis is known to make you think more. To awaken you from the superficial and deepen your connection to the environment you find yourself in. Believe it or not, this kind of individual is viewed as the enemy to any government. After years of power creep, governments act as if the state is built to support its life and not the intended other way around. In America, police patrol schools and arrest kids for school yard fights. We are living in a dreadful time.

The last decade has been filled with people being able to block other people’s freedoms. People watching television now only have to ring up the government to say they were offended by something they watched, to have it banned. This isn’t freedom. This is the slow death of human evolution.

America was the bastion of anti drugs. NO NO NO was the steady mantra until very recently. Now its, aha, I guess pot is cool after all. The people in society who use cannabis were criminals yesterday and are tax payers today. We have a form of mass communication(the internet) and we had better use it before it is too late. Society needs to be realigned with freedom principles. Cannabis isn’t the problem, the person thinking they have the right to choose our lifestyle is.

cannabis human rights

Governments should be focused on the existential threat posed by big business and climate change. Cannabis is a convenient distraction from the oil wars and human rights violations. The only solution to abuse is an active public. Get involved in local community protests, be part of the solution.

Alcohol and pot


Alcohol damages our health. In fact, alcohol is a leading killer in society. Cannabis helps fight serious illnesses and has never been known to kill anyone. Eventually the truth has to sink in. Cannabis is a safe substance to use. It helps regulate our nervous systems and promotes health when consumed in a RESPONSIBLE way. Jon Stewart is as funny as he is smart, in this video we clearly see the nonsense we are fed from private media companies. Cannabis isn’t the problem, ignorance is.


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