Mom, I smoke pot

Mother dearest, I smoke pot. I do this for the giggles, fun, health benefits and simple joy of rebellion. The government says pot is dangerous, but instead of taking those corporate sponsored whores(no offense to actual prostitutes) at face value, I did a little research and found that not only is pot not dangerous, it actually fights cancer and helps support the cool running of our nervous system.

Yikes and there I was nearly listening to the suits. Oh mother of mine, though you drank through pregnancy and let us roam the neighborhood without mobile phones, I ask you to listen to some science. In 1974 the American government had scientists look at cannabis. It found that properties of the plant stop some cancer cell’s growth and make others die. The same people knew prohibition wouldn’t work but they wanted to give it a try anyway. Society has become more violent. We have modern day Al Capones wrecking havoc on society and police, drunk on authority spinning out of control. Now police must do their work from tanks and shoot to kill instead of protect and serve.

So mother dear, from your conservative prism I am a drug using swine. A loathsome type from the nether regions. A wretch and a fool, whose government wants to cage him. But mother dear, the government have been more wrong than they have been right. If politicians know it all, how come we always boot them out in disgrace? We have been sold a convenient lie on marijuana. It doesn’t harm our body and brain like alcohol does. It perhaps gives us a little mental room to think for ourselves and evaluate our world without government foot notes. Smoking cannabis can be abused like any other substance, but I only consume it once in a while mother dearest so please try not to worry.

Lets not have our government making our minds up for us. When we did that we got the world we live in. Polluted, warring and though the planet is abundant we have starvation and destruction. Lets think for ourselves. Lets respect our universal mom, Mother Earth, and live in harmony instead of in a capitalist, consumerist viral way.


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