Cannabis is winning the argument

cannabis is safe

Years of anti pot propaganda coupled with a lack of scientific fact leads normal, well meaning people to allow their fellow man be persecuted for consuming a non toxic plant that is scientifically proven to be safer than alcohol. America has all the headlines at the moment. State after state drop cannabis prohibition. The medical use of the plant gets tested and now doctors are prescribing the plant for illness.

Yet still governments hold onto the illegality of pot. They crave the good old days when marijuana was the devils work and we were perpetually the good guys. Pot becoming legal does two big things for those folks in power. Firstly it proves to the younger generations that even though authorities spoke with such certainty about the evils of pot, they were in fact, full of shit and secondly, we now all know that the authorities, so clearly out of touch with fact and reason have no idea what to do next.

I have a suggestion for them. Listen to scientists that are not paid for by alcohol, pharmaceutical or law enforcement industry lobbyists. Listen to science. Cannabis has cancer fighting properties. I have two family members with cancer. Each person reading this knows someone with cancer. One in three people will have some form of cancer in their lifetime and right now, each of us has cancer cells in our bodies. Luckily most cancer cells don’t get a healthy blood supply which lets their growth turn into a deadly tumor. Cannabis inhibits cancer growth and can reprogram cells that have turned cancerous to commit suicide(apoptosis).

How could you make a plant that has scientifically proven cancer fighting properties illegal? We know that politics and business fit tighter than a blood sucker in a blood bank, and it is only this relationship that has kept cannabis illegal all these years. Richard Nixon, the American president that shamefully had to leave office before he was thrown out started the drugs war. The hippie kids were protesting war in Vietnam. They had long hair, love and truth and Nixon hated them for it. He was a politician that only wanted to exercise power, whereas they wanted to change the world into a more loving place. Nixon spent tax payers money creating a military response to his opponents lifestyle choices. America has gone to war with a section of its population. The war on cannabis is a war on people who don’t blindly follow what the government tells them to do. Smoking pot is still mostly illegal and yet there are millions of people who smoke.

cannabis is safe

It is this disobedience that the government can’t stand. Scientific fact means nothing to government, they just want us to obey. If we obey, we are good little consumers that won’t cause any trouble. We will keep our eyes down and let corporations mold society. The world is in the state it is today because of corporate influence. We are knowingly poisoning the planet. Oil companies get vast subsidies and tax breaks to pollute our planet and we allow our food supply to be grown with GMO poisons. Recently American law makers have made it illegal to feed the homeless. That is an extreme right wing law and it has been supported by the police and the power structure. Go deeper and you will find the reason for the homeless people has more to do with the unjust nature of modern society than it does with that persons limited ability to cope with a harsh capitalist environment.

By making pot legal again we are moving those victimized members of society back into the national discourse. We are giving them back their voice and guess what, the old hippie movement in its modern day reincarnation is talking about love and community just like it always has. Cannabis social clubs, medical marijuana, kindness, a fellowship of humans sharing their life journeys. The state used violence. They killed or locked up as many of the hippies as they could but the movement kept moving forward. We don’t have to be in a state of constant war. We don’t need a billion dollars in our bank account, we just need a little more compassion and the belief that when we act together, we defeat the Richard Nixons of this world.

cannabis is safe



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