Prohibition of cannabis doesn’t work

Prohibition cannabis

Our tax money is spent on police arresting and charging adults who have chosen to consume cannabis rather than the far more dangerous drug alcohol. From a health point of view the cannabis smoker is making the right choice. From society’s  point of view, the pot smoker is making the right choice but apparently from a law and order point of view the cannabis smoker is a threat. The truth is cannabis is a threat to an easier work day for the cop. Arrest a pot smoker and that goes on the cops record as an open and shut case. Leave the bank robbers, rapists and murderers and push tax payers money into buying tanks so the police can raid the still peaceful pot smoker’s home. Shoot his dog and wreck the place as well. In fact the pot raid is the perfect place to play soldier, especially as you have had the training and lots of new soldier toys.

The police like doing raids. Cannabis prohibition is the easiest law to enforce and the one that is doing lasting damage between the public and police. The police are now the others. They are a threat not to be interacted with. Ending prohibition of cannabis will put police back to work on real threats. We are still living in a democracy, find pro pot candidates and vote for them. We have a long way back to real freedom but like every journey, it begins with that very first small step.

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