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Cannabis treats cancer

Cannabis cancer

Our health is positively affected by consuming cannabis! Who said life was all bad??

The high we get from pot is a by-product of when cannabis is in your nervous system repairing normal damage that we all have. Cannabis is made up of cannabinoids and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both have different roles to play within our nervous system but together they have been shown to cure severe forms of epilepsy and  Crohn’s disease. Ask a Crohn’s Disease sufferer if they think pot should be made available after it has helped them and then match that up to what our governments are saying. Cannabis is a medicine. It is time for big pharmaceutical companies to take the share price hit that is coming to them. Their drugs can be replaced by something you can grow yourself. Billions of dollars will be lost when their toxic medicine will be replaced by a non toxic, healthy, Mother Nature solution to cancer and other diseases.

The video Spells out the health benefits of cannabis. Once it was known that cannabis is a medicine, why wasn’t it immediately made available to sick people? The answer lies in the type of societies we live in. We have governments influenced by massive corporations that only want society run in a way that profits them. It has clearly been shown that big pharmaceutical companies tried to suppress positive science on cannabis and financially backed politicians that sought to continue the prohibition of cannabis. They have billions in profits at stake, the heads of these companies are cut throat capitalists who only care about profits. This small group of people and their shareholders have kept cannabis out of the reaches of sick patients.

Spain (population 60 million) is the best country in Europe in terms of cannabis research. There are 500 million people in Europe, 300 million in America, and a few hundred million from other progressive minded nations. Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells during a Spanish scientific experiment. Imagine what the results of this discovery will be when it is not just Spain doing all the work, but the smartest minds from everywhere. Will we see the end of cancer? Today one in three people will have some form of cancer in their life. We need more cannabis research. We need the end of cannabis prohibition and we also need to start running our societies with people and not profits in mind.

Cannabis as our health partner?

The video is full of information on the human cannabinoid system. Scientific research is expanding our knowledge of the plant and its medicinal properties. Will we be taking a small dose of cannabis as a health supplement in ten years time? Who knows. What is known today however proves that cannabis is an extraordinary plant with far-reaching health benefits.

Our governments have stunted the research on cannabis. This is a dark chapter in our evolution and centers on old white men who held their religiously inspired beliefs above the common good. This is the same old story played out in our seemingly modern world.

The video is an amazing piece of work. We need to educate ourselves and then get active within our communities. Leaving politicians to their own devices has almost destroyed the planet.

Grandma is smoking pot!

This is a funny video of three beautiful women trying pot for the first time. If we were to listen to the government, then these people are criminals and should be locked in cages with rapists and murderers. It is three minutes and shows the true face of cannabis. Governments, hang your heads in shame!

Real life example of cannabis curing cancer

The woman in this video had terminal lung cancer. When the doctors ran out of ideas she tried cannabis oil and it worked. Her tumors are gone and she is happy and healthy. Why are we dragging our feet on this one? Cannabis has cancer fighting properties and is non toxic. As a preventive medicine or a cure to an established disease, the debate is over. All the young people out there, remember our governments reaction to this. They know cannabis helps beat cancer but for political reasons they go slowly. This is not a form of government that has the people’s interests at heart. We can do better and we will have to do better because we are killing our planet with pollution and ourselves with cancer.

Bob Marley goes corporate?

Bob Marley cannabis

Bob Marley was a lot of things to a lot of people, but a corporate stooge, he was not. It has just been announced that Bob Marley’s estate will use his image and name to promote a global marijuana brand. Ever since the American government began to ease prohibition, business has tried to figure out how to capitalize. So with dollars in their heart and a cynical marketing move they are trying to combine the love of greed with the loving life example that was Bob Marley.

Bob Marley cannabis

This is what big business wants. The Mac Bob Bud. Sir, do you want extra large dabs with that order? Happy heal meals for 10 dollars and stores being opened up all over the world. America, the most rabid cannabis prohibitionist will now turn into a militant exporter of the plant! Go figure. I don’t know what Bob would think of his name being used by a corporate investment fund but it, at the very least goes against his ideals of power to the people.

Bob Marley cannabis

The ending of prohibition can go one of two ways. The most likely direction involves huge corporate money being pumped into cannabis production and distribution. Vast chains of McDonald like businesses giving the public what they want. Or we could have a home growing revolution where people take responsibility for their own medicine supply. I am rooting for the second option. Today big pharmaceutical companies rule our health. We must tolerate their obscene profits and swallow their toxic medicine. Scientific research on cannabis shows the plant is a powerful anti inflammatory agent. It fights pain in a non toxic way and increases appetite. It has been shown to fight cancer, protect the brain and regulate our nervous system. Having direct access to this medicine lessens the grip big business has over our lives.

Bob Marley cannabis

Bob Marley is not responsible for his decedents. His family are cashing in on his name. I presume some slick Wall Street type flew to Jamaica and kept throwing money at them until finally they bit. Bob Marley’s message was about love. Using his image and stature to sell pot to the world is an amazing coup for the money men. Hopefully along the way a bit of his soul infects their greedy intentions. One love.

Bob Marley cannabis

Cannabis cures brain cancer

cannabis cancer

A study published late last week in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics journal  has shown cannabis aggressively fighting brain cancer and in some cases completely destroying the tumors. The clinical trials were conducted on human cancerous cells in St George’s University London, lead by Dr. Wai Liu.

cannabis cancer

Glioma is a deadly form of brain cancer. The survival rates for this disease is around ten percent due to the lack of effective treatment. In the St George’s University study, cannabinoids(a component of cannabis) have inhibited the glioma tumors and crucially stopped angiogenesis(Stopped new blood vessels being formed. Cancer tumors only develop if they can have a source of healthy blood to feed the out of control tumor growth)

The best results were seen when the cancerous cells were pretreated with the active components of cannabis, cannabidiol(CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) four hours before being given conventional radiotherapy. The cannabis extracts made the cancerous cells highly sensitive to the radiotherapy.

We have never had an answer to this kind of deadly disease before. The incredible results of this study will be tested on human patients. These trials happened because of the changing climate surrounding cannabis. As America’s war on cannabis begins to end, the medical and scientific research can begin. Cancer patients have been held hostage by president Nixons declaration of war on the cannabis plant. I can only hope that Nixon understands the damage he has done to the progress of cancer research. It is time to end the prohibition of cannabis. We need to unlock all of the health giving benefits of the plant as we struggle to deal with the devastation of cancer.

cannabis cancer


Mom, I smoke pot

Mother dearest, I smoke pot. I do this for the giggles, fun, health benefits and simple joy of rebellion. The government says pot is dangerous, but instead of taking those corporate sponsored whores(no offense to actual prostitutes) at face value, I did a little research and found that not only is pot not dangerous, it actually fights cancer and helps support the cool running of our nervous system.

Yikes and there I was nearly listening to the suits. Oh mother of mine, though you drank through pregnancy and let us roam the neighborhood without mobile phones, I ask you to listen to some science. In 1974 the American government had scientists look at cannabis. It found that properties of the plant stop some cancer cell’s growth and make others die. The same people knew prohibition wouldn’t work but they wanted to give it a try anyway. Society has become more violent. We have modern day Al Capones wrecking havoc on society and police, drunk on authority spinning out of control. Now police must do their work from tanks and shoot to kill instead of protect and serve.

So mother dear, from your conservative prism I am a drug using swine. A loathsome type from the nether regions. A wretch and a fool, whose government wants to cage him. But mother dear, the government have been more wrong than they have been right. If politicians know it all, how come we always boot them out in disgrace? We have been sold a convenient lie on marijuana. It doesn’t harm our body and brain like alcohol does. It perhaps gives us a little mental room to think for ourselves and evaluate our world without government foot notes. Smoking cannabis can be abused like any other substance, but I only consume it once in a while mother dearest so please try not to worry.

Lets not have our government making our minds up for us. When we did that we got the world we live in. Polluted, warring and though the planet is abundant we have starvation and destruction. Lets think for ourselves. Lets respect our universal mom, Mother Earth, and live in harmony instead of in a capitalist, consumerist viral way.


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