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Marijuana arrests went up, murder arrests went down

marijuana prohibition

1960 America, 90% of murder cases were solved. Today only around 60% get solved. Even with all the DNA and other technology improvements, more murderers are literally getting away with murder. The war on drugs is directly responsible for distracting cops away from actually protecting the public. A marijuana arrest is too easy for the police not to do. They catch a 20 year old with a joint, book him and it is pretty much case closed. A murder arrest takes actual police work. For the amount of time it takes to solve a murder, you could arrest hundreds of marijuana possession cases. Within the statistically driven law enforcement industry, one arrest is one arrest. The police are only human, they will make the easiest arrests to justify their ever increasing role in society.

Police get bigger budgets if they are seen to be doing their job. Pot makes them seem effective. Meanwhile society is a more dangerous place with public trust in the police at an all time low. We let almost half the murderers go, so the cops can arrest and ruin a kids life for smoking something less dangerous than tobacco or alcohol? Where is the justice in that? Where is the well spent tax money? Police enforce the prohibition of cannabis which is a direct conflict with a sizable minority of the population. The police because of their perceived injustices are alienated from the public. No trust means no cooperation. If you talk to a cop, you could end up innocent and in jail. The government already treats each of us as criminals by digitally spying on us. All resulting in a more dangerous environment for us to live in. Our tax money is being spent to pay bankers, give loop holes for big business and militarize the police. If you don’t think this is the first green shoots of a right wing police state then I want whatever you are drinking!!

marijuana prohibition

Ending the prohibition of cannabis begins to change the nature of society. We do not want police capable of spying on our private lives. They are private for a reason. Without medical or scientific reasons to back it up, the government does not have a right to make something we find either medically or socially useful. They simply do not have the right.

The militarization of police forces reminds me of those religious cults you read about. At first you don’t notice them much but eventually you see them carting massive amounts of weapons into their compounds and you just know this is not going to end with the second coming of Jesus Christ. It is, and always will end in a bloodbath. The police have the weapons and the military training, and even though it is not necessary they break into pot growers homes like they are in Bagdad. This is a betrayal of the publics trust. It is injustice and society is suffering as a result.

marijuana prohibition

What do we do about it? The answer is, we organize between ourselves. Talk to your neighbors, form groups either in real life or online that stand up for your rights. Cannabis is one of the clearest signals that the government has lost its way. If we break them on that, maybe the toxic GMO food they make us eat is next. Maybe the polluted environment gets changed for societies benefit rather than corporate profit. We all need to get involved. It is much to dangerous to do nothing and hope things will get better. Marijuana is a wonder plant. The medicinal value alone is staggering. It is time to get moving, mother nature has given us an alternative to the toxic pills we swallow from an 85 billion dollar industry.

marijuana prohibition

Medical marijuana is a fact

We have governments still pretending that marijuana has no medical benefits. Luckily for ill people there is an increasing body of research disproving government propaganda. In the video below, a top cancer doctor discusses his pro cannabis stance. The truth is escaping, the more we talk about this issue and research it the closer we are to unlocking the life changing medicinal properties of the plant.

How to legalize marijuana

Legalize marijuana

Politicians get paid to do the bidding of big business. We vote based on the old divide and conquer trick. I am pro choice, I am pro gun, I am pro immigrants, I am pro this or that tiny thing so I am against the other side. I am against my fellow working class person, whose life is just as shitty as mine because I have been distracted and then whipped into a frenzy by a snake oil sales man.

A vote on marijuana is different. There are working class citizens from both sides of the pretend  political divide that are pro marijuana. Your government couldn’t very well have the vast working class uniting on anything as this would be too dangerous for big business.

When we, as working class people decide enough is enough, the oppression of the working class will be over. No politician reaches the heights of power without becoming a warped hateful figure. As an experiment, why don’t we try uniting around getting marijuana legalized? White or black, Iranian or European. Ethiopian or Chicago born, let’s unite around this one thing. Bob Marley said the herb was the healing of the nation. The nation he was talking about was the human nation. One love, the love of your family and justice. It is time to stop listening to politicians and start organizing ourselves into activist communities. We can change our world. We can make it better. We can reject big business and its singular self interest. I believe people are more important than a companies profit. I believe the herb can heal.

What do you believe in?

The ideology behind cannabis prohibition

Go to school, finish college, find a job, get a mortgage, admire politicians, cut them some slack and vote for the choices you are presented on the ballot paper. Have integrity, tell the truth, the good guys always win in the end. Work hard and give your best at all times. Respect your boss and your president because they are great men. Be kind and courteous, wait your turn. God has a big complicated plan that tiny little us can never figure out, so just trust in the higher power. In fact trust all authority like you are a small child.

How’s that life working out for you?

We are living in a world where the game has been rigged from the start. 83 human beings at the very top have more wealth than the bottom three and a half billion people. Our planet has wars and crime, poverty and starvation. Men run the world while paying lip service to equality and justice for all. Earth has enough food for each of us, enough resources to give us a home. With education the human species can unlock the truths of the universe but our politicians prefer to spend tax money on projects that get them re-elected instead of advancing the common good. Drilling for oil in the ocean is a good idea they say, forget about the natural world, hate those who are different.

I have more in common with a working class person from any other country than I do with the vicious elite of my own land. From China to Pakistan, France to America, we, the working people of the world share the same problem. We are being sold a lie from above and must suffer for the greed and corrupted system that we call modern life. Business has become too big. Towering corporations now run the world and like any successful company director will tell you, profit is the only important fact.

If the decent, silent majority of the world ever got together and ran their own societies, we would have no more wars. We would watch our healthcare improve, spending would be on education rather than tax loop holes for corporations. Politicians would have to be honest and fairness rather than greedy self profit would force government to do what was right for society and the planet.

Instead of highlighting our differences, in a just world we would celebrate our similarities. Work for common, mutually beneficial goals. This is in stark contrast to our present world. Apparently my Iranian brother is not my equal. I should ignore the poverty of my African brother. Look away while my American brother is denied healthcare and fear my Russian brother. Those who wield power fear one thing, the unity of those they rule over. The concentration of power has always ended in the destruction of man. Bigger means more evil consequences for we the people.

Cannabis is not the answer to all of society’s problems. Yes there are huge medical benefits and it promotes peace and community over traditional belligerent alcoholic behaviour. More importantly, it changes the power game. Smoke pot and question your shitty life is a common side effect of the plant. Thinking for yourself and sharing is a big part of  cannabis culture. Remember those rich 83 people who have more wealth than the bottom three point five billion? They keep their evil grip on that wealth by having strong armed police enforcing laws that suit them not us. If our society’s vice was cannabis rather than alcohol, police would play a much smaller role. People would be more open minded and willing to accept creative, intelligent solutions to the planets problems. Ask a stoner, is war a good thing? Would military spending be put to better use by educating working class people rather than slaughtering working class people from other countries? Should we give tax breaks to corporations that pollute the world or invest in technological innovation that can save the planet instead?

In our societies, the answers I have just given makes me a radical. The only way feeding everyone, giving everyone the best healthcare that science can provide and educating all children to the highest possible standards, is a bad idea, is when by doing that you personally lose something. Filthy rich people and large corporations don’t want the poor educated and given free healthcare because that means they must pay more tax. As if obscene  wealth wasn’t enough, they want more.

Instead of letting the polar bear go extinct, why don’t we put billionaires on the endangered species list. We can save a few of them(maybe that seemingly cuddly Warren Buffett and Bill Gates), we could lock them up in “zoos” and let visitors feed them peanuts and watch as they viciously compete for the most nuts. Cannabis culture and capitalism are the polar opposites of each other. Warren Buffett wants you to consume until your planet has nothing left to give. He is wrong. Progress that has the wellbeing of the planet in mind is good. If you must pollute for progress then you need to go back to the drawing board and figure out a smarter solution.

It is a new dawn, a new day, a new chance to take the next real step forward. Our current path leads to war and destruction. It is time that we the people had our voices heard. We don’t need our taxes spent on wars or arming a police state. We need more healthcare and education. More care for our environment and less psychopaths profiting from our division. Science and not 2000 year old morals need to drive the next chapter of human evolution. It only takes small steps, unity and the belief that tomorrow can be better if we are willing to be the changes we want to see in the world.

Strain hunters cannabis seed company

For years before America got serious about legalizing marijuana, Holland has been blazing the trail. Dutch-Passion and Strain Hunters seed companies are about the best companies out there. They have great quality seeds that they have collected from around the world. These guys have the best jobs in the world! If you have a little free time, take a look at the videos and see where your pot really comes from.

Medical marijuana and the fight against Parkinson’s disease

medical marijuana

The Israelis are doing some wonderful research over at Tel Aviv University on cannabis. The country has allowed research into the medical properties of cannabis long before America’s recent change of heart. In a study on mice, they gave a tiny dose of THC to mice and then caused their brains to swell. (This is rather nasty to think about, but the end result will be we eradicate the horrors of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease) The tiny dose protected the brains from the damage that would have been done from the swelling of the mice’s brains.

medical marijuana

So what does that mean, I hear you ask. It means that cannabis can be used as protection against  neurodegenerative diseases. The dose required to protect our brains would not be big enough to get you high. This is huge! Growing old with dignity, instead of fearing Alzheimer’s disease is a very real possibility. Obviously more work has to be done on the plant and its effects but the future is bright. If I was over 50 and I could get my hands on some cannabis I would smoke at least a tiny bit once a month to prevent brain inflammation.

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