Growing your own weed

growing cannabis

Growing your own pot has never been easier. We now have all the information you could ever dream of, right here on the internet. Years of trial and error has been distilled down for us. Today we know the perfect temperatures to grow(76 degrees), the ideal acidic level food should be delivered to the plants(6.5) and even the kinds of lights and the amount of time they should be on and off for. Imagine the hippies up in the Californian hills in the 1960s. No internet or books to guide their pot growing. No forums to lend a helping hand when their leaves started turning funny colors. We can buy good quality equipment, perfect for the job of growing cannabis. In short, we are spoilt. Our first concern is getting pot legal, obviously. After this big business will move in and try to profit as much from this as any other business. Sick people on lower incomes or disability’s pay will get priced out of the market as profit and taxes go up. It is important, when the time comes that we are ready to grow for ourselves. Yes it would be nice to simply buy pot, but the true value of the herb includes putting our modern selves back in touch with the earth and mother nature. There is a whole world outside of the supermarket. Our consumerist ways are killing the planet so it is time for a change. Actually living with your pot plants and going through all the stages before you get the neat little bag filled with medicinal giggles will give us in most cases, our first contact with nature. We now live in cities, our natural human form is ignored as we fly through the internet and evolve only our brains. We are still connected to the earth whether we choose to see it or not. When pot is legalized, lets not give our power away to the big companies that will step in to provide the cannabis. Lets grow it ourselves. The video below is a little cheesy but it is full of the information that is needed to grow great cannabis. If you are in Europe you can use: Sensi seeds, Dutch-passion seeds, Dinafem seeds or Paradise seeds. I know they deliver to America but I have no experience with any other companies so I can’t recommend any others. If you do have another good seed company, let us all know in the comments. Leave the name and a link. Lets start the new generation that is both smarter and still in touch with nature. Lets all become growers!