The business of cancer

Large pharmaceutical companies are the surprising opponents of cannabis and its research. They have been making a fortune on their drugs. Cannabis and its medical applications are seen as a threat to their obsene profits. This video looks at the business of treating cancer. Like in every other part of life, the profit motive, left unchecked pollutes our way of life.

Peace and loving blessings to all cancer patients. We need urgent research into cannabis to test its cancer fighting properties. We need brave doctors and scientists that have the best interests of the patients at heart. We need change. We need each of us to make a difference.


  • It’s crazy to think about all those people who can easily be cured and rid of all the headache and heartaches. :/ I love your blog btw. Keep it going!

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    • Thank you so much. I feel mostly like a crazy person talking about this stuff. I mean the science is on the cannabis side but yet we are made to feel like criminals!
      It doesn’t make any sense, but together we can make a difference 🙂 !!!