Medical marijuana results

With cannabis prohibition in America coming to an end the medical treasures of the plant can be released. Too little work has been done to date, but at least we are now beginning. Whenever I hear about money being raised for cancer research, I can’t help but wonder, should that money not be spent on researching cannabis’ cancer fighting properties. Cancer research has always been heavy on maintenance and sparse on the cure of cancer. Today the cancer industry is huge, and highly profitable. Cannabis is an exciting new development that is not being embraced by the cancer research industry. As you can see from the video, cancers are beaten by cannabis.

Instead of relying on science to inform us we must listen to ignorant opinions on cannabis. Meanwhile sick people are suffering and dying because the kind of societies we live in cherishes the loudest, loud mouths over the smartest information. Being conservative in your political views is fine, but when someone else suffers because you can’t evolve, then that is criminal.