Cannabis doesn’t affect your IQ, new study finds

cannabis iq

In 2012 Duke University studied 38 heavy marijuana smokers and figured that their use of cannabis lowered their IQ. At the time there were a lot of people asking if you could really use 38 people as a basis to declare, marijuana lowers your intelligence. A couple of days ago, University College London released a stronger evidence based study on the subject. In this study, 2,612 young people from Bristol(UK) were the subjects of the report. Their IQ scores were taken at age 8 and again at 15. There was no relationship between cannabis use and IQ decline. The anti pot propaganda side will be further disheartened today. What about the children, they have said?

What the study did find, was there was a real affect between alcohol consumption and lowered IQ. Thats right folks, alcohol is the real threat to our children. In fact, the study from the London University reported that the claimed negative effects of cannabis is a distraction from the real harms to young people’s IQ. Just in case you missed previous posts, the alcohol lobby does fund anti pot campaigns. Cannabis is a direct threat to the alcohol industry. When you look at the health benefits of cannabis versus the unhealthy side effects of alcohol, I can imagine the public switching to marijuana as soon as prohibition ends and the deceitful propaganda is completely discredited.

Cannabis protects brain cells, alcohol kills them. In fact, cannabis has been scientifically shown to repair the damage of alcohol on brain cells! Cannabis has been proven to kill cancer cells, tobacco causes cancer. Tobacco and alcohol are both addictive substances, whereas cannabis is not physically addictive. All the negative reports and nonsense that is quoted in the media about marijuana refers to heavy users of the plant. For some reason, there is a small percentage of people who abuse nearly every substance. Eat too much sugar, drink too much vodka and you will put your body in danger. To say a heavy cannabis smoker is the reason to save the public from the plant is ridiculous, especially when you consider that alcohol kills tens of thousands of people each year, whereas marijuana has killed zero people, ever.

Even with this new scientific information, no serious cannabis activist will call for allowing children to have access to cannabis. There should still be a legal limit on when you can use the plant, unless it is for medical reasons. By continuing the prohibition of cannabis, young people have almost free access to the plant. With the weight of evidence now behind the benefits of pot, I think governments need to swallow their pride, admit they didn’t know what they were talking about and legalize the plant. Prohibition doesn’t work, especially when we have just as much information as the government does. Oh what a bright new world we are stepping into!