Our cannabis rights

cannabis rights

What does it mean to live in a free, open, democratic society? The second world war was fought for us, their sacrifices ensured our freedom from oppression. Great stuff I hear you say. So it is a bit of a kick in the teeth to watch our governments actively oppressing us today. You can’t consume marijuana they say.

Why ?

Well because it is illegal.

The internet has given us free access to information. There are medical reports on marijuana’s medicinal qualities. Children going from 500 epileptic seizures a day to none. The American government studied cannabis and its effects on cancer back in 1974. The report concluded that properties of cannabis stops growth and in some cases kills off all the cancerous cells. Cancer is a huge killer in society. If you find anything that stops it, would you not want the world to know about it?

cannabis rights

It turns out you don’t if you are only concerned with your next election. Back in the 70s being tough on crime got you elected to the white house. Richard Nixon chose power over saving lives. Today Barrack Obama, a known pot smoker chooses to laugh at cannabis rights and still lock people up for doing what he did. Just like Nixon before him, he is doing what is in his own best interests. Today, people will be arrested for marijuana possession. They will have property seized and will possibly be going to jail for something the president has done himself.

Tell me why those millions of men died in the second world war again? They endured cold, muddy hardship so our present day spineless politicians could ignore the scientists and say, cannabis is illegal because we say so. Our society is sick. It has a cancer infecting it. Big business has destroyed our world. It is the leading force of destruction and the politicians will do nothing to stop it. Big pharmaceutical companies sell pain medications, antidepressants, anti seizure pills and a vast array of other substances to maintain our health. Before we investigated marijuana and its healing properties I was glad we had these things. Now that  there is a natural alternative to these toxic substances we should be embracing this new discovery. There should be no debate. This isn’t a political matter. Cannabis has a wide range of medical applications, iincluding preventing future illnesses. THC protects your brain. It has an anti inflammatory effect which combats aging brain damage. It repairs our cell systems, and fights pain in a non toxic way.

Where is the need for political debate? Since when was it the governments place to tell us how we want to heal our illnesses? Did millions of brave men die in the second world war so politicians could continue receiving lobbyist bribes? No, they died for our freedom. People bled to death in cold fields, thousands of miles from their loved ones for us. The political system can now only serve the rich. 95% of elections in America were won by the person with the most money.

Let that last bit sink in. If you want to be elected, you have to have more money than the other guy. If you have the better ideas, the better heart, the most noble and profound love of the common good in mind, you will still lose, 19 times out of 20 if your opponent has more money than you. The greatest political leader the world has ever known, Mahatma Gandhi would not have gotten elected in America. He would not have taken lobbyists money. His opponents would have and then out spent him into oblivion.

cannabis rights

There is a lot more wrong with society than pot being illegal. If we can all work together, and free our herb then we might just move onto the next problem, and the next, until one day we wake up to a bright world filled with hope and love. We are human beings, the smartest creatures on the planet and the most destructive. In our natural state we form loving families and make sacrifices for the betterment of others. Corporations make cold calculations on what brings them the most profit. Our societies must be protected from this brutal ideology. When you go to the extreme right of the political spectrum you will find corporate interests.

Feeding hungry people is a good idea, educating all children to the highest standard is a good idea, healing the sick with compassion and kindness is a true human quality. A corporation only has profit as a goal. We are human beings, it is time to put corporate interests were they belong, In tight regulation so we restrain their vicious, single minded pursuit of profit. The republican party is the party of business apparently. The elections are won by people with the most money. The most money is given to politicians by big business. It can’t be spelled out any clearer. Faceless, heartless businesses have bought the political system so they get less regulation and more profits. The actual members of society that vote no longer have a voice in this political system. We are the people, it is our society and when we are ready to wake up and have our voices heard, they will be.

cannabis rights

We don’t need a debate on cannabis. The science has proven it is a non toxic substance with huge medical value. If you don’t want to smoke cannabis, then that is your right. At the same time, if you are against cannabis, you do not have the right to stop a fellow citizen from using the plant. Your freedom to choose does not trump mine. Your freedoms end when you begin infringing on someone else’s freedom. At present we have governments, led by big business interests, spying on us and infringing on our rights. Pharmaceutical businesses will lose profits to cannabis when it is legal to grow and consume. For every one dollar spent on research and development in that industry, 12 dollars goes on promoting the pills. Buying politicians is just a part of their expenses. It is too easy for them and nobody is telling them that they can’t do that.

So lets get organized! Join groups that promote your personal interests. We need to take back control of our societies before business destroys the planet and everything in it. Jai Kali Ma