How to legalize marijuana

Legalize marijuana

Politicians get paid to do the bidding of big business. We vote based on the old divide and conquer trick. I am pro choice, I am pro gun, I am pro immigrants, I am pro this or that tiny thing so I am against the other side. I am against my fellow working class person, whose life is just as shitty as mine because I have been distracted and then whipped into a frenzy by a snake oil sales man.

A vote on marijuana is different. There are working class citizens from both sides of the pretend ¬†political divide that are pro marijuana. Your government couldn’t very well have the vast working class uniting on anything as this would be too dangerous for big business.

When we, as working class people decide enough is enough, the oppression of the working class will be over. No politician reaches the heights of power without becoming a warped hateful figure. As an experiment, why don’t we try uniting around getting marijuana legalized? White or black, Iranian or European. Ethiopian or Chicago born, let’s unite around this one thing. Bob Marley said the herb was the healing of the nation. The nation he was talking about was the human nation. One love, the love of your family and justice. It is time to stop listening to politicians and start organizing ourselves into activist communities. We can change our world. We can make it better. We can reject big business and its singular self interest. I believe people are more important than a companies profit. I believe the herb can heal.

What do you believe in?