Cannabis opposition is not based on science

The medical benefits of cannabis are finally being studied. The anti pot people have had lie after lie disproved. Opposition is based on financial considerations. Police lose easy crime statistics and over time pay while pharmaceutical companies lose huge profits as cannabis is a natural substitute for many of their toxic products.

This was an interesting clip from youtube, summing up the situation nicely. At one point the question was asked of random people on the street, is pot a gateway drug? The anti pot side have argued for years that pot leads you to other harder drugs. The responses were classic regurgitation of what the main stream media corporate interests wanted the public to believe. Yes, pot is a gateway drug they all agreed. Why, they were asked. I don’t know, it just is, they answered! Don’t kid yourself, the slick propaganda tools used by the business interests on the far side of this argument are immense and effective. If the anti pot side had any real argument we would have heard it by now. So they sow fear and misinformation to confuse the argument, leaving the simplest solution, lets just do nothing as the easiest choice. Unfortunately for them illegal because it is illegal isn’t working anymore. Revolution anyone?