Latest science reports on cannabis

medical marijuana
Below are the latest scientific reports on marijuana. If cannabis had been created in a pharmaceutical company lab we would all be using it by now! The results are black and white. Cannabis is a medically beneficial plant. It treats diseases and is also seen as a preventative medicine.

Cannabis and brain trauma
In the journal, American Surgeon, UCLA medical center investigators published their three year research on the relationship between traumatic brain injuries and cannabis use. 446 separate cases were reviewed with similar injuries. Patients with marijuana in their system or a history of marijuana use at the time of the accident had an almost 98% surgery survival rate. Patients without a pot use history had a ten percent less survival rate(88.5%). Previous studies had shown that animal brains were protected with compounds found in cannabis. This study is the first confirmation on humans that cannabis plays an important role in brain protection.

Cannabis fighting colon cancer
In the medical journal Carcinogenesis, Italian researchers from the University of Naples have published their findings on the cannabis compound cannabinoid cannabigerol’s(CBG) ability to fight colon cancer. CBG makes the cancerous cells kill themselves without harming the other healthy cells around the tumors. By giving CBG to the test subjects colorectal tumor growth was also inhibited. The scientists stated that CBG should be used for prevention and cure of colon cancer.

Cannabis and the treatment of Parkinson’s disease
The Journal of Psychopharmacology reported on a Brazilian study into cannabis treatment for Parkinson’s disease. University of São Paulo researchers looked at the effects of cannabinoid cannabidiol(CBD) treatment on patients. They used placebos as a control and found that the cannabis compound increased the patients well being and quality of life compared to the placebo. This study backs up the previous Israeli study which reported similar benefits. The Israeli study also found a reduction of tremors, rigidity, slowness of movement, pain relief and aided sleep. No negative affects were observed in either study associated with cannabis use.

Cannabis and heroin addiction therapy
The American Journal has reported on the research carried out by Farber Institute for Neurosciences at Thomas Jefferson University researchers into the role cannabis can play to lesson the symptoms of opiate(heroin) withdrawal. The researchers noted that increased use of cannabis lessened the severe withdrawal symptoms. They concluded that cannabis could have an important role to play in weening addicts off opiates.

Cannabis cures Crohn’s disease
The journal, Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology reported on the Israeli study from the Meir Medical Center, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, into cannabis’s ability to treat Crohn’s disease. The study showed the plant having a very strong positive affect on patients. Decreasing the severity in all cases and in five out of the eleven patients studied putting the disease into remission. Again, in all the patients no negative side affects were seen with the treatment.


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