Italian army growing cannabis for the sick

italian army cannabis

Just outside the beautiful city of Florence the Italian army are busy turning a laboratory into a large-scale cannabis growing space. They are doing this so the sick can get medicine. Why don’t we take a step back at this point and have a look at the bigger picture. Deep breath, sun sparkling off golden buildings, and exhale. If a foreign nation comes and attacks Italy, the soldiers are going to lay down their lives in the protection of their nation. In natural disaster situations, it is the army that goes to save people from danger. So when I read that the army is growing cannabis so sick people can access the medicinal plant at lower prices than the street drug dealers, it makes me sick to my stomach that we are still struggling with the issue of pot being illegal.

THE ARMY ARE GROWING IT !!!! How a careerist police officer or politician can keep a straight face as they waste tax payers money enforcing this ridiculous prohibition on one of mother nature’s most special plants I will never know. Governments want to remain in control. They have a system of authority that they do not want to give up. People want marijuana, to smoke or medicate with and they don’t care if it is legal or illegal. Instead of having governments that serve the people we see the system attacking personal freedoms for the simple protection of their authority.


In addition to the preservation of their authority governments are also bribed by big business so they do what is most profitable for those businesses. Pharmaceutical companies are directly threatened by the medicinal properties in cannabis. From cancer to a headache the plant has properties that help the human animal when it is sick. In America, states with medical marijuana have seen a 25% reduction in deaths from pain medication over doses. As marijuana is further studied we will get to know the exact medicinal benefit of the plant and instead of buying from greedy, snarling profit obsessed companies, we can grow a plant ourselves or join a collective that can grow it. This is a huge step away from needing big business and big government.

I am proud to see the Italian army taking a step to help their people. The debate about marijuana being a dangerous plant is dead. The pro marijuana side just needs the public to be aware of the facts. The Italian army have a duty to protect their people. A duty they take far more seriously than the corrupt politicians that are trying to continue the lie about pot. Today I am Italian and I gratefully salute the Italian army for their shinning example.

In the future medicine will be about prevention of illness rather than treating illnesses. People that eat healthier and exercise regularly live longer happier lives. I can imagine cannabis being an essential part of peoples diets as they live to prevent illness. The evolution of society and human health means we must change our minds when presented with evidence. The authorities are acting directly in opposition to the well being of society because they do not like change. That is all well and good but what if you have epilepsy, chronic pain, cancer or Parkinson’s decease? Can you afford to wait for the well fed swines in government to make your medicine legal?

We need more people talking about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. We need more people like you to spread the word. The American movement is infectious, it is time we work with them to promote a better society that is lead by science and reason rather than old fashioned conservative instincts. Mother nature wants us to live in harmony with the planet, let us finally listen to her and promote the marijuana plant to its rightful place at the top of the medical food chain.