What would it take to get pot legalized in Europe?

european cannabis club

There is a lot of funding available for cross border cultural integration projects in the European Union. Wouldn’t it be a neat trick to use that kind of funding to get pot legalized! The politicians are not acting on scientific information, so what would make them legalize pot?

A widespread, grassroots European movement would get their attention. A group that has members in at least half the countries of the European Union and was coordinating information to be released to the public. A group that simply found the scientific research on cannabis and gave it to people in an easy to read way. Once people are educated about the medical benefits of cannabis this would become an issue that politicians would have to deal with. Following our American brothers and sisters the momentum is with marijuana legalization, but it will need a good old fashioned collective European push to get it done.

European cannabis clubs need to act together. Barcelona has taken the lead with these clubs and I know Germany is about to move too. The Czech Republic would prefer to turn a blind eye to cannabis clubs but due to the widespread support for pot over here I think clubs are possible. Holland is way ahead with their coffee shops, but there is a lot of work to be done in the remaining countries. The cannabis club model will work if those clubs coordinate with each other. I would love to hear from anyone in other places that have clubs or would like to have clubs. The union of European cannabis clubs would be the simplest way to get legalization. Safe, community based groups working together to grow and distribute great weed for patients and recreational smokers is the goal.

Instead of each club dealing with their government individually, we should do it together. It is nonsense that cannabis is illegal. They can’t give us one fact based reason for its legal status so they hide behind silence and confusing the issue. The public is ill informed on marijuana’s medicinal benefits. Using some clever social media wizardry we can help bring in mother natures favorite herb from the cold. We don’t need a million people to get pot legalized, just a few determined individuals to start the European conversation. I am down for it if you are!