Marijuana and society

Richard Nixon is the reason marijuana is illegal today. He got elected on the fears of middle America. His election campaign was based on bringing law and order back to America. He is remembered as a racist, paranoid crook. He is ground zero for this ridiculous war on drugs. He commissioned the Shafer report in the early 1970s. Members of the commission were hand-picked by old tricky Dicky for their conservative nature and pedigree. Unfortunately for Nixon, they took their job seriously. They found no harm to society or the individual from smoking marijuana. When the report came out in 1972 Nixon rejected it without even reading one page. The recommendation of the study was to legalize pot as the economic and social cost of prohibition was just not worth it.

Today in Europe we are just as anti marijuana as America is. Our governments have based their attitude on cannabis to mirror America’s view. Nixon left office in disgrace, and yet even now he is having an influence on our societies. Our governments have had the opportunity to think and act for themselves. Holland and Spain have taken a lead and decriminalized pot. In Amsterdam you can buy pot in a coffee shop, but it is still illegal for the coffee shop to buy the pot from the grower. They still must smuggle the stuff into the shop. When are we going to grow up as a society? 80% of all drugs seizures in Europe are for marijuana. Unfortunately we have been lazy and have not let our voice be heard. The science backs up the claim that pot is less harmful than both tobacco and alcohol. There is a brave bunch of guys and gals up in Plauen, Germany about to come out into the open with their own cannabis club. They are moving into unchartered territory and yet for the nonsense to stop we have to stand up for our rights.

I was speaking to a guy from Norway a few days ago. He said it is very strict in that country regarding weed. That is why he has had to smoke the synthetic weed instead. I told him that is a very bad idea, the synthetic form is dangerous and could really harm you, but because of weeds legal status he was safer smoking the toxic substance rather than enjoying the natural healing herb itself. Governments are harming people by not legalizing cannabis. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Are you willing to help put prohibition into the dusty old history books?