Bong humpers

bong humper

Pot has only recently stepped out of the US propaganda shadows. Once the villain, now the darling of a new wave of self-expression. We had the hippies, now we must forge the new legal pot tokesters. Miss high times 2010 Brittany Wagoner coined the term bong humpers to describe a certain type of popular pot selfie. In these sexy photos, hot girls are mostly semi dressed and hitting a bong. If it is true that sex sells, then we will all be waking and baking as long as these girls have access to cameras!

I just hope the bong humpers are communicating a positive message for our movement. We want to legalize and normalize pot, so giving the holier than thou brigade an easy propaganda coup will set us all back. I can imagine the sweaty old beady eyed preacher, licking his liver lips as he previews each sinful photo of a girl having fun with some herb, and after enjoying the image, feeling guilty and trying to have them banned, if only to save the young woman’s soul. Never mind that it has been religious groups and people carrying out some of the most heinous crimes known to our societies, they will still condemn marijuana.  Once a religious hypocrite finds a new cause, they rattle their cages until empty-headed followers get whipped up into a frenzy.

Religion will oppose pot from a moral point of view. It is apparently sinful to seek enjoyment. Sinful to take a herb from the ground and put it to good use. The truth that religious people have written in their bible does not speak about pot. God, the all knowing Christian deity decided to keep cannabis a secret until the Mexicans started smoking it in America in the early part of the last century. Jesus liked to get a wine buzz, the modern day Christian preachers like to get a moral buzz from condemning people for not being as boring as they are. If you don’t wear a starched shirt and apologize after sex then you my friend, are the devil.

The sinfully sexy bong girls are celebrating cannabis. I would be very interested to know what you think of this new pot phenomenon. Are the girls just having fun or is there a sexist stereotype forming?


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