Barcelona’s Cannabis clubs


There is a lot to love about Barcelona. The food, climate, people, football and least we forget, their pot clubs. Prohibition of marijuana has failed. Pumping money into police budgets and prisons is a waste of public funds. It is twice as bad when you consider that pot is a safer and healthier alternative to alcohol. You can easily buy marijuana in every city on the planet. It is a plant that has been around long before us, and by the way our species is acting, will be here long after the apes have taken over !!

In Barcelona, you join a cannabis club by showing your id and paying a membership fee. The clubs themselves are run as  communities. You can find fantastic pot, at a decent price in a relaxed and safe environment. While Prague has a high tolerance for marijuana, you can have up to 10 grams for personal use, we still don’t have a formal agreement between smokers and the law.

There are klubs here in Prague that are attempting to establish themselves as pot clubs, but time will tell if they are successful or not. Over the last month some quite famous pot places here have been raided and shut down. It seems even as we get closer to legalization here in the Czech Republic, there is still pent up police aggression looking to hassle non violent people. Cannabis clubs are a step in the right direction. Why the police and politicians consider ignoring the situation rather than coming to a sensible agreement with their fellow human beings I will never know.

I guess until the day comes when you can freely and openly buy pot, we must rely on the old fashioned way of getting the herb. Find a good grower and make friends 🙂

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