Marijuana and cancer

From the scientific horses mouth! Dr Christina Sanchez has been studying cannabis in Madrid, Spain. What she has found would, in a sane world be enough to legalize pot. She discovered that weed can help in the fight against cancer. Restricting pot for medical testing for so long is one of the great crimes of our time. In Prague, universities still can’t work with marijuana. How far ahead would we be in the fight against cancer if we had a thinking, progressive government instead of the self serving one we have today.


  • I completely agree. The fact that marijuana can be used in treating cancer is really one of the most compelling arguments for legalization. There’s also the issue of cannabis oil (sometimes called Rick Simpson oil after a doctor who used it), which may in particular be very effective in treating cancer. However, cannabis oil is difficult to make and even countries/states with medical marijuana are often unable to obtain the oil yet.

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