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Italian army growing cannabis for the sick

italian army cannabis

Just outside the beautiful city of Florence the Italian army are busy turning a laboratory into a large-scale cannabis growing space. They are doing this so the sick can get medicine. Why don’t we take a step back at this point and have a look at the bigger picture. Deep breath, sun sparkling off golden buildings, and exhale. If a foreign nation comes and attacks Italy, the soldiers are going to lay down their lives in the protection of their nation. In natural disaster situations, it is the army that goes to save people from danger. So when I read that the army is growing cannabis so sick people can access the medicinal plant at lower prices than the street drug dealers, it makes me sick to my stomach that we are still struggling with the issue of pot being illegal.

THE ARMY ARE GROWING IT !!!! How a careerist police officer or politician can keep a straight face as they waste tax payers money enforcing this ridiculous prohibition on one of mother nature’s most special plants I will never know. Governments want to remain in control. They have a system of authority that they do not want to give up. People want marijuana, to smoke or medicate with and they don’t care if it is legal or illegal. Instead of having governments that serve the people we see the system attacking personal freedoms for the simple protection of their authority.


In addition to the preservation of their authority governments are also bribed by big business so they do what is most profitable for those businesses. Pharmaceutical companies are directly threatened by the medicinal properties in cannabis. From cancer to a headache the plant has properties that help the human animal when it is sick. In America, states with medical marijuana have seen a 25% reduction in deaths from pain medication over doses. As marijuana is further studied we will get to know the exact medicinal benefit of the plant and instead of buying from greedy, snarling profit obsessed companies, we can grow a plant ourselves or join a collective that can grow it. This is a huge step away from needing big business and big government.

I am proud to see the Italian army taking a step to help their people. The debate about marijuana being a dangerous plant is dead. The pro marijuana side just needs the public to be aware of the facts. The Italian army have a duty to protect their people. A duty they take far more seriously than the corrupt politicians that are trying to continue the lie about pot. Today I am Italian and I gratefully salute the Italian army for their shinning example.

In the future medicine will be about prevention of illness rather than treating illnesses. People that eat healthier and exercise regularly live longer happier lives. I can imagine cannabis being an essential part of peoples diets as they live to prevent illness. The evolution of society and human health means we must change our minds when presented with evidence. The authorities are acting directly in opposition to the well being of society because they do not like change. That is all well and good but what if you have epilepsy, chronic pain, cancer or Parkinson’s decease? Can you afford to wait for the well fed swines in government to make your medicine legal?

We need more people talking about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. We need more people like you to spread the word. The American movement is infectious, it is time we work with them to promote a better society that is lead by science and reason rather than old fashioned conservative instincts. Mother nature wants us to live in harmony with the planet, let us finally listen to her and promote the marijuana plant to its rightful place at the top of the medical food chain.



What would it take to get pot legalized in Europe?

european cannabis club

There is a lot of funding available for cross border cultural integration projects in the European Union. Wouldn’t it be a neat trick to use that kind of funding to get pot legalized! The politicians are not acting on scientific information, so what would make them legalize pot?

A widespread, grassroots European movement would get their attention. A group that has members in at least half the countries of the European Union and was coordinating information to be released to the public. A group that simply found the scientific research on cannabis and gave it to people in an easy to read way. Once people are educated about the medical benefits of cannabis this would become an issue that politicians would have to deal with. Following our American brothers and sisters the momentum is with marijuana legalization, but it will need a good old fashioned collective European push to get it done.

European cannabis clubs need to act together. Barcelona has taken the lead with these clubs and I know Germany is about to move too. The Czech Republic would prefer to turn a blind eye to cannabis clubs but due to the widespread support for pot over here I think clubs are possible. Holland is way ahead with their coffee shops, but there is a lot of work to be done in the remaining countries. The cannabis club model will work if those clubs coordinate with each other. I would love to hear from anyone in other places that have clubs or would like to have clubs. The union of European cannabis clubs would be the simplest way to get legalization. Safe, community based groups working together to grow and distribute great weed for patients and recreational smokers is the goal.

Instead of each club dealing with their government individually, we should do it together. It is nonsense that cannabis is illegal. They can’t give us one fact based reason for its legal status so they hide behind silence and confusing the issue. The public is ill informed on marijuana’s medicinal benefits. Using some clever social media wizardry we can help bring in mother natures favorite herb from the cold. We don’t need a million people to get pot legalized, just a few determined individuals to start the European conversation. I am down for it if you are!

Marijuana and society

Richard Nixon is the reason marijuana is illegal today. He got elected on the fears of middle America. His election campaign was based on bringing law and order back to America. He is remembered as a racist, paranoid crook. He is ground zero for this ridiculous war on drugs. He commissioned the Shafer report in the early 1970s. Members of the commission were hand-picked by old tricky Dicky for their conservative nature and pedigree. Unfortunately for Nixon, they took their job seriously. They found no harm to society or the individual from smoking marijuana. When the report came out in 1972 Nixon rejected it without even reading one page. The recommendation of the study was to legalize pot as the economic and social cost of prohibition was just not worth it.

Today in Europe we are just as anti marijuana as America is. Our governments have based their attitude on cannabis to mirror America’s view. Nixon left office in disgrace, and yet even now he is having an influence on our societies. Our governments have had the opportunity to think and act for themselves. Holland and Spain have taken a lead and decriminalized pot. In Amsterdam you can buy pot in a coffee shop, but it is still illegal for the coffee shop to buy the pot from the grower. They still must smuggle the stuff into the shop. When are we going to grow up as a society? 80% of all drugs seizures in Europe are for marijuana. Unfortunately we have been lazy and have not let our voice be heard. The science backs up the claim that pot is less harmful than both tobacco and alcohol. There is a brave bunch of guys and gals up in Plauen, Germany about to come out into the open with their own cannabis club. They are moving into unchartered territory and yet for the nonsense to stop we have to stand up for our rights.

I was speaking to a guy from Norway a few days ago. He said it is very strict in that country regarding weed. That is why he has had to smoke the synthetic weed instead. I told him that is a very bad idea, the synthetic form is dangerous and could really harm you, but because of weeds legal status he was safer smoking the toxic substance rather than enjoying the natural healing herb itself. Governments are harming people by not legalizing cannabis. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Are you willing to help put prohibition into the dusty old history books?


Pot’s political problem

pot politics

Rahm Emanuel is the major of Chicago. He was Obama’s right hand guy during his first presidential election. He is a political animal. Let’s not kid ourselves, Emanuel likes the trappings of power. Major of a big American city is a pretty sweet gig. If you want to stay top dog however, then there are a few things you have to do. Yes, yes, sell your soul is one of them, but that goes without saying. You have to keep enough votes onside and you have to raise new money for the next election. Add in connections and you are the next Major of whichever city you are looking to use to further your own personal story.

Emanuel won his election with big finance money and the black vote. If you look at his policies on pot he has had to slightly tilt to the black vote by liberalizing the rules, proposing tickets instead of jail time for cannabis users with less than 15 grams in their possession. That is good for pot smokers, but by doing this he runs the risk of annoying the police.

The police have done nicely out of cannabis. Huge numbers of non violent criminals bump up crime prevention statistics, which in turn show the need for the police and makes the argument without having to beg for increasing the law enforcement budget. Cool new toys and lots of over time thanks to that wonderful little plant. Why would the police want to have a nice easy number taken away from them just so the hippie kids can get stoned and patients can get medicine? If Emanuel goes with his brain, (the science on pot shows it is non toxic and helps with many illnesses) then he would legalize it. If he does, then he probably cements his relationship with pot smokers but he loses support from the police. If you don’t have the police on side then you will not be able to run your city. This in turn will affect your financial supporters, who will be less likely to give you money come the next election.

See the mess? He is caught. He probably doesn’t care about marijuana. I’m sure he is more of a cocaine and hookers kind of guy but to make his life easier, he goes along with the police version of reality. I bet there are Chicago cops who had cop grandfathers who made the same argument  during alcohol prohibition. We have elected officials that don’t want to touch marijuana because it just makes life easier to keep things the way they are. Pot activism is the only way to change things. In Europe we will have to get our act together. Get a coalition of pro pot activists in each European country and act in a coordinated fashion.

Given the choice, a politician will always do the easier thing. The police like enforcing pot laws so things remain the same. We do have a huge number of people that are pro pot. When we finally work as one, the politicians will follow us, until then, we have been divided and conquered!

pot politics

The cannabis debate

cannabis debate

Pro pot activist: I want to thank you all for coming along to listen to me today. We are going to discuss the benefits of cannabis, and look at the current scientific information on the plant.

Anti pot activist: This person is a criminal. The law says it is illegal to have anything to do with marijuana. You should be arrested.

cannabis debate

Pro pot activist: There are many current laws that formerly were illegal. A woman’s right to vote, the mixing of different ethnic races on buses and it was even a crime to misuse gods name!

Anti pot activist: It should still be against the law to take baby Jesus’s name in vain.

Pro pot activist: Oy vey, this is going to be a long pointless debate.  Yes cannabis is illegal. It has been made illegal most likely on racial grounds. Hemp was a huge part of the American economy up until just before the second world war. As the jazz age progressed it was falsely reported that smoking cannabis made decent white girls want to dance like devils and sleep with black men. This is a harsh statement today (thank god, I mean baby Jesus) but this was the way the mainstream media portrayed the situation. Falsehood after falsehood were presented to the public as fact. Marijuana makes you psychotic, it makes you a communist, a feminist, a radical.

Anti pot activist: I still believe marijuana makes you a radical.

Pro pot activist: Is it radical to think for yourself? To look at all the information and then come to your own conclusion?

Anti pot activist: Fox news warned me about people like you. Using your science to prove things and trying to have an intellectual debate rather than an emotional one.

cannabis debate

Pro pot activist: Fox news is owned by an Australian psychopathic capitalist, but we are not here to talk about Rupert Murdock, we are here to talk about pot. The American government did research into cannabis  back in 1975 which revealed the cancer fighting properties of the plant. President Nixon however, had already started the war on drugs. What was his rational for the war on drugs? Well in his own words; “You know, it’s a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana are Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob? What is the matter with them? I suppose it is because most of them are psychiatrists”.

Anti pot activist: I don’t really approve of that language. President Nixon was a good Republican and if it wasn’t for that darn liberal media, he never would have been impeached.

Pro pot activist: So Nixon started the war on drugs. It just so happened that the anti Vietnam war protesters also liked to smoke pot. Targeting the pot smokers also very conveniently meant that Nixon’s boys could lock up people speaking out against his murderous policies.

Anti pot activist: You know what, you sound like one of them Beijing red socialist types my pappy warned me against.

cannabis debate

Pro pot activist: A socialist society in its simple form, cares for all members of  society and provides a safety net for the most vulnerable ones. Wait, lets stick to pot. We are here to talk about pot, not your half knowledge of general racist stereotype talking points that the Republican party has force fed you through Fox News. We have scientific data showing that compounds in cannabis have cancer fighting properties. The plant also helps with epileptic seizures, is a powerful anti inflammatory agent and relieves pain without the toxic side affects associated with the current pain relieving medicine.

cannabis debate

Anti pot activist: So you are trying to say marijuana is a medicine now?

Pro pot activist: Yes cannabis has fantastic medicinal properties. The Endocannabinoid system benefits from cannabis consumption. We are only now starting to unlock the true power of the plant after wasting years on the ineffective prohibition of the plant. Cancer, AIDS patients, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain sufferers all report beneficial results when they use cannabis as a treatment.

Anti pot activist: I don’t care what you say, baby Jesus says it is a sin to smoke marijuana.

Pro pot activist:  “The Lord said unto me, ‘I will take my rest and I will consider in my dwelling place like a clear heat upon herbs.’ ” — Isaiah 18:4-5. I don’t know exactly what this means but it does seem to suggest that Jesus was cool with heating herbs. Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids, in fact breast milk is rich in cannabinoids so the cannabis plant complements something that is natural to our bodies. It also strengthens our immune system.

cannabis debate

Anti pot activist: I know you want me to change my mind, especially given the weight of all the evidence that cannabis is a medically beneficial plant, but I was raised to do what I am told.

Pro pot activist: Here smoke this.

Anti pot activist: What is it?

Pro pot activist: You said you do what you are told, so smoke this.

Anti pot activist: Hmm this tastes good. I feel all light and giggly. What were we fighting about. Man this is some good ass weed.

Pro pot activist: I’m sorry, you forced me to medicate you.

Anti pot activist: No man, you were right. I can be such an asshole sometimes. I mean, I can really get on my high horse. I don’t get enough vigorous sex at home so I have become kind of crusty. Does pot help with that.

Pro pot activist: Cannabis affects your nervous system so it will highten your sense of pleasure.

Anti pot activist: It is like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I was so tense. You know what, I think Fox News is full of shit, in fact I think maybe all politicians are full of it.

Pro pot activist:  Pot relieves stress. Fox news and Co. have managed to keep the stress levels very high, not to mention the amount of work we must do just to make enough money to actually live. When we think for ourselves and reject corporate inspired, and bought mass media information we can see society is not benefiting the common person.

Anti pot activist: Wow, that must be a threat for the system.

Pro pot activist: It is a threat. The pharmaceutical industry alone stands to lose huge profits if cannabis replaces their toxic manufactured chemicals. There is also a massive law enforcement industry; weapons, private prisons, over time and the legal system that will lose billions of dollars of state funds if cannabis is legalized.

Anti pot activist: Are you hungry, I think I saw a Taco Bell up the road. I think we could walk there in like five minutes.


Germany and their cannabis clubs

German cannabis

Germany has long been an engine for growth within the European family. Though slightly behind their Spanish and Dutch brothers, German activists are planning to bring pot out into the open. In Plauen, a cannabis club has worked out the cost of policing cannabis. 800,000 Euros has been spent prosecuting non violent cannabis users in a town with a population of  just under 65,000.  Only 25,000 Euros has been spend dealing with drug addiction. By legalizing marijuana, police can concentrate on dangerous criminals instead of wasting everyone’s time and money running after cannabis users.

german cannabis



The club has a petition for people to sign which will be presented to Plauen town hall. The club argues that the police are wasting the publics money. The German drugs law is in place to protect the public. It has turned out that the prosecution of cannabis users is infact the most harmful aspect of smoking marijuana. With a regulated cannabis market, good quality, safe pot can be bought and used. Taking the black market out of the business will leave school aged kids less likely to come into contact with pot. Criminal groups don’t care about the age of their customers, so by continuing to insist on marijuana prohibition, the authorities are actually the ones putting children at risk. I know German people read this blog. If you want legal pot, you have to play your part. Speak with the guys over at, sign the petition and get involved. Each month new study reports the medical benefits of cannabis. Let’s legalize it and unlock it’s true potential.

German cannabis

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