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Take the next right

 The first few months I lived in Prague was spent hanging out with three New Zealander stoners. One night we got absolutely baked and then I said I would drive them home. We were in a cool little bar where you could buy and smoke weed. This bar was one street off Pragues Main Street. It wasn’t until I was behind the wheel of the car that I realized how fucked I was. Not smart I know, but I now have to drive these guys home. As I drove onto the main street I asked for directions. Take the next right I was told. I did and continued down the road and was told to take the next right.

 I can’t say how long we kept driving around the same block. One hour maybe two until finally someone said take a left. I eventually got them home and drove through the beautiful old streets alone with my thoughts and the city lights. It is still the good old days here in Prague, what a great city!

Prague’s pot scene

Prague pot

If you are a local in Prague you know this is a weed friendly city. Walk down the streets and you can smell it. Why the Czechs are into pot has to do with their recent history. Since the Second World War,  Russian criminology was exported here. After half a century of knowing your government is bullshitting you, you develop a strong dislike of authority. The new democratic republic is one of the most liberal leaning countries in Europe, if not the whole western world. You do your thing and let me do mine. The liberal attitude the majority here take extends to marijuana. The first pot case I remember reading about in the local news reported an old woman having her weed plants ripped up by the cops and she was brought to court. At that trial the judge immediately sided with the woman. She was making creams from the weed and using it on herself. The judge ordered the police to pay damages.

You got to love that attitude. Smoking pot is a post communist statement on personal freedom. The scientific evidence is lacking when the charge of pot being dangerous is made. In fact I have heard of pot being grown by normal middle class people for many different illnesses. A friend’s mother drives the pot that her uncle grows for another member of the family who has Parkinson’s disease. The propaganda about pot didn’t get believed over here. Pot is seen as not much different to alcohol.

Great for us, and now with a little more choice than whatever pot you are given, this place is fast turning into heaven!

Prague pot and some interesting strains

Pot has a special place within Prague society. There are also special strains that have throughout the years become famous for their potency and the journey they take you on. Of all the pot out there, here are some of my favorites:

Indica side :

Bubba Kush

Prague pot

White Widow



Prague weed

Vertigo (this is a mix with sativa but is indica dominant)

Prague cannabis

Sativa side :

Durban Poison

Prague pot

Auto Extreme

Prague pot

Think Different

Prague weed

Sour Diesel

Prague pot

If you have grown or smoked any of these strains, let me know what you thought of them.

Prague, pot and graffiti

 Prague is also a city filled with street artists. You don’t find massive murals commissioned by property owners, just small one off pieces that you either catch or miss. If you ever find yourself in this fine city then pack a pipe full of weed goodness and head on over to Tesnov street in prague 1. Here are some of the works that I have spotted.


image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Pot in Prague

Today is the beginning of a new journey. {I guess each day is, if you are lucky enough to notice.}

prague pot

This is my city and I love it! Walking down the cobbled stone streets never gets old. Wondering the city while high makes it into an adventure. I am lucky enough to call some of the best growers in this city my friends, which means every day is an adventure !!

prague pot

The Czech Republic is one of the most liberal societies you could ever wish to visit. You do your thing, and let us get on with doing ours is the attitude. Be happy and look after yourself. 

prague pot

 While technically pot isn’t legal, it is a big part of Prague life. You can’t walk down the street without smelling the sweet herb in the air. While sitting on a bench on the old town square with some friends a cop came up to us. He told us that we could no longer drink beer on the street. My friend was rolling a great big joint which wasn’t even given a second look. Puff Puff Pass to the cop on your left!

prague pot

So don’t worry when you come to Prague, the cops smoke pot too. We don’t have any, for profit prisons that need to be filled, just bongs and pipes.

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