Buying weed in Prague

Buying weed prague

Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of buying weed in this city. So you are fresh off the plane, train or motorway vein and are looking to get stoned. You have three ways to find the herb.

The first and simplest way to buy pot here is to walk up to the black guys at the bottom of Wenceslas Square and demand that they sell you some. They have weed and will definitely sell it to you after a small amount of arsing around. The black guys are mostly trying to bring drunk stag parties into various strip clubs, but they are for the most part friendly and nice. Their collective niceness however does not make up for their dreadful marijuana. It is the cheapest produced and sold at the highest price. Not a good introduction to Prague’s pot but you do get stoned. Buy a bag and head down to the river. A gram should be about 300 Czech kroun.

The second way is to know which bars are both weed friendly and actually selling the stuff. Chapeau rouge is one of those bars. Again it is black guys selling it, and again the quality is the same as on the street. I don’t go to this bar as you can also buy heroin and other heavy duty drugs. The bouncers are coked up and waiting for even the slightest amount of trouble. Chapeau rouge is in the center and gets lots of tourists passing through. As a last resort you could try there but I really don’t recommend the place. There is another bar called shotgun. It is in zizkov ( a little outside of the center) and is kind of a marijuana club. You go in, buy a beer and then ask for some weed. 500 korunas for 2 grams. It is usually pretty good weed with a friendly vibe. There are other bars, but depending on when you read this they may or may not be still around. Email me for an up to date list 🙂

Finally the third way to get weed in this city is to know a grower. Luckily I know one or two and have been swimming in great weed ever since. Growers using great seeds and a sweet growing environment will give you the kind of weed that this historically beautiful city calls for. Sensi seeds, Dutch passion, paradise seeds and Dinafem are well established European seed banks which the growers I know use. They have done a hell of a job producing some of the best weed from the best seeds on the planet. Walking around Prague after a durban poison bong is a wonderful thing.

I hope this helps, and whether you are a local or a visitor please share your own experiences of Prague.

Buying weed prague