Legalizing marijuana in Prague

prague marijuana

Like nearly every other country, the Czech Republic is in the midst of a battle between the young and older minded generations. Older generations, having grown up with a force fed Government line on just about everything, still reflexively listen to and go along with the authorities when they say pot is dangerous and should remain illegal. This is in stark contrast with what most young people know to be true. You don’t die from pot, you don’t get poisoned by it. You just get high and enjoy yourself.

We have read the information on pot. Seen the research and experienced the truth. Brave activists from here and all over the world have been fighting for our pot rights and suffering at the hands of militant police forces. The police are hammers viewing every situation as a nail. If, as is the case with pot, that the punishment is more harmful than the crime, then it is time to review and change the law. The American inspired war on drugs has failed. It has filled for profit jails and ruined non violent people’s lives.

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Young people are sick of slick talking political operatives. If we want change though, we all need to be involved. I love weed, and want to see it as a normal part of Prague life ( especially when I see the negative consequences of alcohol ) but to get change, we must work together. Write, sing or find your own unique way to get the people around you involved in changing shit up.

marijuana prague law


Don’t get me wrong, there is a high tolerance to pot in Prague. On the law books it is technically  still banned even if in practice it is allowed. America is decriminalizing pot, time for the Czechs to do the same.