Take the next right

 The first few months I lived in Prague was spent hanging out with three New Zealander stoners. One night we got absolutely baked and then I said I would drive them home. We were in a cool little bar where you could buy and smoke weed. This bar was one street off Pragues Main Street. It wasn’t until I was behind the wheel of the car that I realized how fucked I was. Not smart I know, but I now have to drive these guys home. As I drove onto the main street I asked for directions. Take the next right I was told. I did and continued down the road and was told to take the next right.

 I can’t say how long we kept driving around the same block. One hour maybe two until finally someone said take a left. I eventually got them home and drove through the beautiful old streets alone with my thoughts and the city lights. It is still the good old days here in Prague, what a great city!